creative writing


48hr film festival

As part of Autopilot Films, I co-created a short film from concept to completion in just 48 hours for the 2019 Vista Foundation 48hr Film Festival.

Our team was selected as an Auckland City Finalist, and ultimately won awards for best script (sponsored by the NZ Writers Guild) and best cinematography.


national novel writing month

I’ve participated for the last four years in National Novel Writing Month - a challenge to complete a 50,000 word novel in the space of just thirty days. I’ve won every year, and continue to work on two of those novels.

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norbu inc

In 2016 I co-founded the social enterprise Norbu, and co-created a calendar of Tibetan festivals & culture.

We sold our calendars across China, Nepal, and America in 2017.


Cool dog, school dog & Flip the dinosaur

Commissioned while working as a drama and English teacher in Chengdu Huiwen International School in 2016.

I was tasked with creating two short plays to teach a list of English vocabulary words for the 1st and 2nd grade classes. These were used as part of the semester’s curriculum in both English and drama classes, and performed for parents at the end of term.

The 1st grade play, Cool Dog, School Dog, was based on a storybook, and kept a simple rhyming structure to make it easy for the children to memorise.

The 2nd grade play, Flip The Dinosaur, was written from a concept the head teachers had, and featured several different characters and settings for the children to move through.


personal travel blog

Beginning with my two years living in Lhasa (2013-15), and continuing over the next three years, I wrote a regular blog about my experiences in Tibet, impressions of the culture & festivals, and shared photo galleries of the country.

Through this I received multiple requests to write content for tourism company blogs, and to participate in events such as the Chengdu-Tibetan edition of Toastmasters International.


tibetan adventure book

In 2014 while living in Lhasa, I created the Tibetan Adventure Book, a hand-drawn Tibet-themed activity book for children.

It was later requested for use by a local school, and printed on demand for followers in different parts of the world.